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cropped-ANIS-LOGO_portrait_rgb_300-1.jpgWe love stories and so do our three children. It all started with us telling them stories, and now many years later, they entertain us by creating their own narratives – writing and even performing them.

Storytelling is such an essential part of our lives that we wanted to create recordings that would help children develop their spiritual and moral qualities. We see children and adults as mines rich in gems of inestimable value. It is our hope that through our educational stories, they will be able to reveal their treasures and in turn help and serve mankind.

You will not hear any background noise from a TV set in our home, we have wished for our children to develop their imagination and vocabulary by listening to audio stories during their ‘quiet’ time. What you would see is them sitting on a carpet, playing with lego bricks, snuggled on a sofa or drawing – while listening to stories that have a profound effect on them. an_house

Thanks to storytelling, our kids’ language skills have developed greatly and as multilingual children, the teachers have often remarked on the creativity of their written work and ease with which they pick up new languages.

The recordings have been successfully tested and used during our regular classes for moral and spiritual development of children (5-11 years old). Also, an older age group of junior youth (age 11-15) responded well to the stories and we were amazed by the depth of their feedback and understanding.

So, go ahead, listen along with your wonderful children and let us know what you think.

an_flower‘The stories promote equality because they show that women never were the inferior gender, they were just forgotten.’


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  1. At the Baha’i Arts Academy the Anis Foundation presented did a presentation on the artistic journey of of producing the Stories of ‘Abdu’l-Baha on 12th August. This was very well received and feedback about the audio stories for children included: ‘Fantastic’, ‘Very professional’ and ‘What a great idea’

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