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Comments on our Second CD  Women Who Changed the World from Schools

25 May 2016

‘It has been a pleasure to welcome Sarah to Beechwood School and enter into her fascinating world of stories. The personal experiences of the stories helped our students to reflect on their stories and think about how they could be shared. Her thought-provoking ideas generated a buzz amongst the students, who were excited to share their ideas and experiences through the sessions. Thank you Sarah, for providing the beginnings of our won storytelling journeys.’
Marie – Clair Goswell, Head of RE, PSHE and Citizenship, Beechwood School, Slough

‘Sarah engaged with our children and motivated them to learn new stories. She is an incredible storyteller, and one that I would thoroughly recommend’
Karen Waller, Acting Deputy Head, Eton Porney First School.

‘Thank you, today was a real help! The students now know the story of Rosa Parks. Sarah is a person with a wealth of knowledge and dealt with the students very effectively!’
Clair Mc Nulty, Head of Drama, Heston Community School.

Feedback from young people…

Naw Ruz 2013 Children

‘Mother Teresa interested me, I didn’t realize everything she did for humanity. The stories spread awareness and influence others.’

‘The stories promote equality because they show that women never were the inferior gender, they were just forgotten.’

‘The stories inspire young girls to want to be influential in society.’

‘The stories show that an education can save lives. It reminds people that men don’t do everything’

‘The stories inspire us to make a difference.’

‘The advantage of sharing the stories is that I think women’s equality will become better and will inspire young and older women to be their best and don’t be told what to do.’

‘The stories show young people that you can do anything.’

‘The stories might inspire other young women to take a big step and fight for their rights.’

‘Wangari Maathai grew up in the harshest conditions but despite it she grew up to be one of history’s most important women. The stories help people get to know how women changed the world, and make society an equal place.’

‘The stories bring light on how powerful women are.’

‘Malala showed a lot of courage. I liked all the stories. They show that women are important and they have done a lot of good things..’
‘I was interested in the story of Helen and Anne as they overcame great adversity. The stories establish their role in history and our current society.’

‘In the stories you learn about a lot of new, interesting people.’

‘I knew Helen Keller’s story, but it was nice to know who taught her and helped her communicate. The advantage of sharing these stories about women is so that all men and women have a shared knowledge about which women strove for greatness.’
Sophie H

‘I particularly enjoyed Malala, Helen and Anne and Florence as they were really amazing stories with really strong points. There wasn’t one I did not enjoy. Through these stories people will gain more respect for women.’

‘The stories inspire other women and show that women are just as important as men.’

‘The story of Helen and Anne was very touching and it was remarkable how a girl and a woman can be that impactful, not only to yourself but to the world.’

‘Wangari interested me as she made change in a humble way. The stories raise awareness of women’s accomplishments.’

‘Rosa Parks interested me because I enjoy learning about black rights/politics. The stories help people to realise that there are lots of strong women in history and not just men.’

‘Anne Sulivan dedicated her life and service to another individual. The stories help people remember those who changed the world and be inspired to do the same.’

‘Mother Teresa had kindness for people and helped without expecting anything in return. The stories allow women to be inspired and then they can stand up for the things they believe.’

‘The stories inspire us to stand up for what we believe in and don’t let anyone stop us fight for what is right.’

‘The stories of Tahirih and Mother Teresa interested me as they all had different thoughts which benefited their generations and the future generations. The stories help younger women and girls believe more in themselves.’

‘Florence Nightingale was very admirable and inspirational. The stories make us more aware about what women have done and can do.’

‘The stories help men and women understand each other and understand why they act a certain way as well as being inspired to do something good for society.’

‘Because Anne taught Helen, who was blind, words – shows that if you try you can help change someone’s life. The stories tell people how women can make a change which could inspire more girls.’

‘I think that the world should realise that women are also capable of doing exactly or more than men.’

‘Peace Pilgrim saw good in everyone. Sharing women’s stories  help people have more respect for women.’

‘Malala was so young and courageous and capable of speaking up for others. The stories inspire us and tell us not to give up.’

‘Thank you for informing me about these inspirational women! All the stories caught my interest, but if I had to choose one I would choose Malala because she was very determined and she fought. The stories help more people to appreciate women and to believe that they can do great things.’

‘Peace Pilgrim’s determination and resilience was inspiring was well as her attitude towards people she never even knew. The stories raise awareness of the inspirational things women could achieve.’

‘Rosa Parks changed the law by doing such a simple action. The stories show that women are just as good as men and that they should have equal rights.’

‘All the women were brave and powerful in their own way. They are all inspiring. Peace Pilgrim never gave up and made such a large impact from something as simple as walking. We can all use them as an example and we can all pass (their stories) on to other people.’


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  1. I am delighted with copy received and would like to place an order for 5 more CD’s of volumes 1,2 & 3 on behalf of Baha’i Book Sales, Namibia,

  2. At the Arts Academy there was a great response to audio stories for children. Stories on the history of the Baha’i Faith and morals were enthusiastically welcomed with sales of the CD.

  3. The Anis Foundation was founded to provide educational stories for children to enjoy.
    All stories are available to download as MP3’s or as a CD’s from our online store.

    Posted under Anis by admin on 06.18.2010 | 1 Comment | Edit
    Review of Stories of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá
    I spent a weekend next to the table where the Anis Foundation was playing the CD of the Compilation of Stories of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá volumes 1, 2 and 3. At the end of the weekend I felt I must buy copies for my grandchildren.

    The stories are narrated by Sarah Percival, a master of the art of storytelling. The stories originated from Stories of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá adapted by Jaqueline Mehrabi

    We are told that ‘Abdu’l-Bahá has been given to us as an example of how we should live our lives. What better way to instil this in our children than by the telling of stories about His life. Having the stories on a CD or MP3 player means that they can be listened to in the car, at bedtime or at family prayer and reflection time.

    The stories are also ideal for use in children’s classes. Several of them are the same stories that can be found in Ruhi Book 3, although slightly differently told. In the Ridvan 2010 message the Universal House of Justice encouraged the use of available materials in children’s classes. This is a wonderful resource and I know that it has been used successfully in at least one class.

    I have no hesitation in recommending these stories to parents, grandparents and those who are involved in the education of children.

    Erica Leith

    July 2010

  4. Sepehr,

    The website has now been upgraded and you should have no problems downloading MP3’s.

    Kind regards,

    Tim Melville
    Anis Foundation

  5. Pippa Reid, The Society for Storytelling – review

    The CD is a set of stories told for children about the Bahá’í Faith through the birth and life adventures of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, ‘The Master’.
    The stories are beautifully told. Sarah Perceval has a very expressive voice – inviting, clear and strong, and the characters come alive for us and ‘tell’ us how they are feeling.

    Each story is a good length for young children to enjoy, but you don’t have to be Bahá’í or a child to enjoy them! The storytelling has been well recorded with the voice very clearly up front with no echo.

    Within the stories are joy and sadness, marriage, birth, death, kindness, charity, generosity and truth.

    As well as being entertaining, the stories teach us about The Bahá’í Faith and the universal human aspects of how people faced with a problem overcome their difficulties, and learn from the experience.

    A very enjoyable CD.

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